Why better protect your email?

Why you need email security 1

Standard email packages do not block the most dangerous phishing and impersonation attacks


91% of cyberattacks start with a phishing email

Why you need email security 2

Email compromise attacks will cost any company greatly

Attacks cost you greatly in terms of:

direct financial cost
staff time

How to better protect this point of attack:

When tested, 60% of employees will typically fall for a phishing email, with higher risk for impersonation attacks that penetrate your defences.

It makes sense, then, to take a two-pronged approach to protection:

  1. First, train all users to be sceptical about all emails. That is, they should take a zero-trust approach to all incoming messages, always.
  2. Second, use technology to block more of the attack emails from reaching your team members.
Email protection & security awareness training

Secure your email

All-in-one solution for email security and advanced features including data leak prevention, archiving and large file send

Data Leak Prevention

Mimecast also includes leak prevention to protect your most valuable data from careless users, compromised accounts, or malicious employees
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Specialist phishing protection

Phishing resistance

Purpose built, unrivalled protection from email phishing and impersonation attacks

Fully Integrates in Office 365

Graphus is the world’s first automated phishing defense platform that protects you from cybercriminals posing as trusted contacts
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Microsoft Defender

Premium email security, threat response and phishing simulation, directly integrated into 365

Advanced Email Threat Protection

Integrated threat protection for all of Office 365 from Microsoft and available as an additional service
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