What is Kaseya Graphus email protection?




Phishing Defense

Protect your perimeter with TrustGraph

90% of phishing attacks get past traditional Secure Email Gateways.

TrustGraph automatically detects and quarantines any malicious emails that would break through the defenses of your legacy email security platform or an old-fashioned Secure Email Gateway (SEG), keeping them away from your employees’ inboxes


Connects via API so set up within minutes

Guard the gates with EmployeeShield

75% of phishing targets are found through web searches or common email formats.

EmployeeShield alerts recipients of a potentially suspicious message to danger by placing an interactive warning banner at the top of an unexpected message that allows users to refer it to your IT team or mark it safe with a single click.

Artifical Intelligence

A system that learns with each new threat

Call in backup with PHISH911

65% of cybercrime relies on spear phishing as its primary form of attack.

Phish911 empowers your employees to quickly and easily report suspicious emails to your IT team proactively, alleviating the temptation to do any dangerous exploration of potential threats on their own and giving them a clear path of action.


Works within your Office365 environment



of cyberattacks start with a phishing email



of social engineering attacks like spear phishing are successful



average loss per spear-phishing attack

For most small and medium-sized businesses, we would recommend Graphus unreservedly. It requires no hardware purchase or software downloads; and it’s ready to deploy in minutes via cloud API to start.

It is protecting your business by:
Analyzing your employees’ business relationships (who they work with, how often they communicate, etc.) to make trusted profiles
Scanning for suspicious irregularities in message content and attachments and comparing them to trusted profiles to detect attacks
Learning from user interaction and feedback to grow smarter and defend you better from new, emerging threats

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