Welcome to SITOC: Specialists in IT Outsourcing and Consultancy. Our name tells you a big part of what SITOC do, but the real difference comes in how we do it, and how we fit around you. We advise, design, supply, deploy and manage the best in business technology – because we know that one size doesn’t fit all.

We’ve been delivering on our promises for more than a decade now; and we’re good at what we do. Any business that can grow in the difficult economic climate we’ve had recently, has to have worked hard and exceeded their customers’ expectations.

SITOC gives organisations of any size all the benefits of a substantial in-house IT department without the overheads. Alternatively, we can support the IT department you have, giving them the flexibility to get through a particularly busy time. Committed to ISO 9000, we are a Microsoft Certified Partner with offices around the UK, and now also in Western Cape, South Africa.

Our reputation is built on maximising up-time. We develop secure, resilient, future-proofed systems for our clients, which we then monitor constantly. If problems arise, we detect them, often before they are apparent to the user, and our remote access capability enables work to start immediately on fixing the problem. We tailor our services to your needs.

SITOC has a wide and varied client base, which includes estate agents, marketing, automotive design, recruitment and financial services companies, manufacturers, distributors, charities, schools and one of the oldest Royal societies in the country.