Protect your business from cyber attack

Nearly 88% of UK companies suffered breaches in 2020, as reported by Carbon Black. Cyber security attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and they cost the UK economy an estimated £13 billion a year. These costs are even higher when you factor in damaged assets, financial penalties and lost productivity.

IBM’s research into 524 organizations that experienced data breaches between August 2019 and April 2020, found an average total cost of £2.78 million. More than half of the breaches were caused by malicious attacks, with phishing frequently implicated. One in five malicious attacks featured stolen or compromised user credentials, while a similar number were victims due to a misconfigured cloud service.

It has never been more important to invest time, attention and resources in to protecting yourself against cyber attack.

Protect machines/ protect people

Cloud managed endpoint protection powered by Webroot and going way beyond traditional anti-virus solutions

Safer internet access

Web browsing (DNS protocols) was never designed with security in mind, and your internet users are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks

Dark web search

You users' login credentials, once compromised, may be for sale on the dark web – too often an invisible threat as they can be used to compromise services

Email security

Counteract one of the most pervasive threats to your security – phishing and impersonation attempts are too often getting past existing defences.
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of UK businesses suffered breaches in 2020
£ 0 billion
cost to UK businesses
attempts made to hack UK SMEs every day

Frequently asked questions

The service starts from £2.95 each month including anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-phishing and impersonation protection. Additional service components are available and charged accordingly.

Both are available for £1.34 each, per protected machine

Yes, the agents are installed locally on each machine and are controlled in the cloud. So, your users are protected regardless of location.

We provide protection for 1 domain free of charge for our support customers, additional domains can be protected for £75.00 per month. Non-support customers can still use the service for £75.00 per month per domain

Yes, all services provided by SITOC are based on a fully managed service. This ensures end to end management from initial rollout, updates, monitoring and alert respons.

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