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When it comes to boosting productivity, all the studies show that increasing staff morale – making sure staff feel valued, that their work matters, and that they are fairly treated – is the number one most important step to having a super creative and productive workforce.

At SITOC, we have tools you can integrate into your positive work culture to make these goals easier to achieve.

Business Voice in Teams

Enable better flexible working by incorporating your phone system fully into Microsoft Teams.

Online training

Staff training not only shows you care, but also increases employee skills and job satisfaction.

Employee monitoring

Gain visibility into employee IT activities, view productivity and identify staff at risk of burnout.

What you stand to gain:

Positive work-life balance
Increase in productivity 21%
Properly engaging with employee health and wellbeing:
Increase in productivity 40%
Flexible working:
Increase in retention 89%
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Investing in staff training has been shown to increase overall productivity by 53%, increases profit margins by 24%, and reduces annual staff turnover by 16%. [Data from ClipTraining]

One of the largest and most comprehensive surveys on workplace wellbeing in the UK reveals that the UK economy lost £91.9 billion in 2019 as a result of ill-health related absence and presenteeism in the workplace 2

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85% of working adults who are currently home-working would like to continue with some form of hybrid working into the future; 24% of businesses intend to use homeworking going forward.

According to research by Oxford Economics and Unum, the average cost of turnover per employee (earning £25,000 a year or more) is £30,614. That means if you replace three employees on this wage in one year, the cost of employee turnover will be close to £92,000.3

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“Both businesses and individuals preferred a “hybrid” working approach (a mixture of both office and homeworking) in the future. However, while nearly two-fifths (38%) of businesses expected 75% or more of their workforce to be at their normal place of work, a large proportion (36%) of those currently homeworking thought they would spend the majority or all their time homeworking in the future.”​ Office of National Statistics​: Coronavirus and homeworking in the UK: April 2020​

We provide this service to all SITOC Microsoft customers free of charge, otherwise it is available for £2.25 per user each month.

Services start from £12.00 per month which include user activity monitoring, activity blocking, active vs idle time and productivity analysis.

The service can be installed with or without end user knowledge

We offer live demonstrations and 30 day trials for all e-leaning and monitoring services   

We offer cloud-based or on-premise server deployments