Who should choose Mimecast email protection?

It has never been more important to get on top of email security. While Microsoft 365 provides base levels of protection against spam and malware, it can be improved on with services that counteract more modern-day threats such as phishing and impersonation attempts.

Powered by Mimecast, SITOC can deliver a service which better protects your organisation from email-based attacks. For £2.85 per user each month, Mimecast helps to protect against spam, malware, phishing, impersonation, malicious attachments & URL’s. But it does not stop there, Mimecast also includes leak prevention to protect your most valuable data from careless users, compromised accounts, or malicious employees.

Choose Mimecast if you need additional enterprise-level features

In the UK, one in every


is a phishing attempt

Phishing Protection
Phishing emails are sent en-masse, typically impersonating large companies in the hopes that a recipient may divulge sensitive information or click a malicious link. Mimecast scans all mail in real-time, searching for key indicators that suggest an email may be fraudulent.

Impersonation Protection
Attackers use social engineering techniques to impersonate a known contact such as a colleague or trusted supplier. This can be achieved by sending from a domain which is similar to one that is known to you, or by intercepting an injecting content into an existing email conversation.

Data Leak Protection
Mimecast also protects against accidental leaks by scanning messages for sensitive information.