It is six months since we were able to bring you the happy news that SITOC and ICanProve.IT (in the UK and RSA) were joining with Observit in Sweden – three companies with a long history of joint innovation. This has been a great few months for us – full of optimism, research and new developments.

Now is the right time to formalise this alignment, with a change of name for us here in the UK. From 1 January 2023, SITOC and ICanProve.IT will, together, become Observit Ltd.

While this name change feels like an important step for us into our future – we are aware it will have very little impact for all our wonderful customers, partners and suppliers. In reality, the change for you may seem negligible. You will already be familiar with the name Observit from many communications since May this year. Our day-to-day work will continue as normal. Big news for us – small news for you!

Key contacts are unchanged:

Invoices will be sent in a similar way to how you currently receive them, but the sender will be accounts.GB@observit.co.uk. Please see invoices for bank details.

Please update your records with our new company name as of 01/01/2023, thank you.

As always, do get in touch if you have any worries or concerns. We’re excited for our skandi-style adventures.

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