Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 combines your familiar Office Apps, Email and communications in to one secure cloud environment as a subscription service.

This cloud service offers you a more imaginative and innovative way to improve team working, collaboration and productivity.

Many people are not aware: there are security risks with the basic MS365 environment. Addressing these risks increases your level of protection; it can improve your up-time and your overall productivity.

What is Microsoft 365?

365 security audit

For each new customer, we start with an initial review. During these, we have found that four out of every five Microsoft 365 set-ups are missing at least one critical security setting. Without external advice, many companies have left themselves inadvertently open to huge vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities could then be exploited by cyber-criminals.

Whether you would like SITOC to migrate an existing 365 setup, or starting from scratch, SITOC will ensure that your 365 setup is secure always by means of initial and ongoing security checks.

Multi-factor authentication is only part of the story, SITOC go further by evaluating your live Microsoft secure score to evaluate insecure settings and will delve into your domain setup to check for the latest DNS authentication protocols. Known as SPF, DKIM and DMARC, these are the latest industry standards that help to protect your users from phishing emails and protects fraudulent use of your domain by others.

We then go further into your data-security needs by establishing rules for remote access. For example, which devices are allowed access to your data, and from which locations. This forms part of an overall function known as ‘conditional access’ and is key to properly protecting your most valuable data.

Securing remote access

Email security

Speak to us to learn more about Microsoft Defender for endpoint and Microsoft 365 Defender for email. These premium features offer tight integration with Microsoft for enhanced desktop anti-virus email protection. Services include malicious-link/URL scanning, impersonation protection and phishing simulation.

We can help you evaluate these services, comparing them to your existing solutions across desktop and mail security. We can also help you to protect your most sensitive messages, or file attachments, with encryption.

We will help set up premium Microsoft 365 features, such as the Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite. Automatic classification of sensitive information and restrictions on the sharing of sensitive data to external parties help protect your business. We can even help you to protect files once they have been sent by ensuring that only the intended recipient can open them, and retracting/revoking access at any time.

Further controls around endpoint management can be incorporated by the use of Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly Microsoft Intune). This centralised function enables automatic device enrolment, application installation, application whitelisting, ongoing firmware/patch management, and mobile device management.

Data protection


We will help you to get more value out of your MS365 subscription. We will make sure you have the subscription levels that are right for you. We will help you understand how to collaborate better, evaluate additional services (such as security add-ons, or Teams phone system) and help your users through the amazing ClipTraining built in to Teams.

Frequently asked questions:

Yes, there is a simple process to migrate subscriptions whether you are direct with Microsoft or using a Microsoft service partner. We design Microsoft cloud solutions based on your individual requirements. Allow us to migrate and support you on all aspects of Microsoft 365 and Azure.
  • SITOC can provide subscriptions via monthly invoice which makes it easier to manage vs paying Microsoft direct via Credit Card.
  • There are no minimum contract terms meaning that you can add/remove subscriptions as required
  • SITOC can offer free trials for many subscriptions that are not available from Microsoft direct
  • As a Silver partner we have access to premium Microsoft cloud support, we pass this support onto our customers at no additional cost
  • All SITOC customers receive Microsoft 365 e-learning free of charge, powered by Clip training
  • It is our mission to help you get the most out of the services you already pay for and optimise costs with ongoing cloud service review.
  • Let us help you with data protection management including single sign on, multi-factor authentication and conditional access
  • Initial and ongoing reviews of your 365 secure score help you benchmark current security settings vs available functions not yet activated, meaning you always have optimal security—keeping up with an ever-changing threat landscape

SITOC can deliver solutions across Enterprise Mobility & Security, Microsoft virtual desktop, Teams phone system, data loss prevention, Single Sign on & Cloud app security.

SITOC can perform email migrations to Microsoft 365 and/or application & data migrations to Microsoft Azure. We are Microsoft Azure experts, including service optimisation reporting and hosted Windows VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

This is available for £2.95 per user each month on a 24-month contract.