Building better teams

Get more out of your Microsoft 365 subscription. Be more productive, more effective and more collaborative.

  • Add Cliptraining
  • Make Teams your phone system
  • Optimise and secure your 365 setup

Microsoft TEams

Make Teams your phone system to have all of your work communications in one place


Add easy-to-use staff training tools, like ClipTraining, which can be embedded in your Teams portal


Teams is the central hub for all internal collaboration and communication

our expertise


We can advise you on how to get more value out of your existing subscription.


Customised and optimised secure logins, using multi-factor authentication.

Tailored to your needs

We will help you find the apps and plugins to tailor your Teams environment to your needs

Do more with Teams





Compliance recording

  • Record all phones calls, meetings and screen shares
  • Or, select only the users and content that should be captured
  • Simple, web-based portal for search and playback
  • Speech-to-text conversion
  • Search by spoken keyword
  • Monthly, per-user pricing with minimal setup required

Numonix uses API for secure and hassle free integration into Microsoft Teams