One size does not fit all

Our service – designed, modular, tailored to fit.


Private and public cloud IT solutions: Office 365, Azure, SharePoint & Dropbox specialists: a security-first approach built around you.

IT Support

Fully outsource or let us work with your IT team. Skilled engineers with a wide range of expertise: monitoring, patch management and much more.


Fully hosted or local telephony services. Better solutions that allow remote workers to be part of your system and often bring big savings.


Cybercriminals look for the low hanging fruit. That is, weak passwords, email scams, malware vulnerabilities, etc.

Your business is more likely to be a victim of fraud or cyber crime than any other offence. Although statisitcs for individuals falling victim are finally beginning to fall, the number of attacks on businesses continue to rise. Sadly, some of these attacks succeed.

And cybercriminals are constantly coming up with new methods of breaching your defences. We won’t call them clever – they don’t deserve any praise. But they are conniving, devious and very persistent.

Look for the weak points in your defences:

  • Incoming messages with malicious links
  • Malicious or fraudulent attachments
  • Homoglyph domains with 1 or 0 in the place of an l or o; or with vv in the place of a w
  • Impersonation attacks that appear to be from a trusted or senior colleague
  • Weak passwords
  • Websites that include malicious content/adverts

Educate your computer users – and follow up with the three Rs

  1. Repeat – it is never enough to tell people something once
  2. Refresh – try new approaches to the same message (an email, a video, an interactive approach)
  3. Renew – in a constantly changing threat landscape, you need to stay on top of the latest advice

Prevent and protect

  • Have strong policies that you enforce for acceptable use, passwords, device management, etc
  • Have screening on all incoming emails and web access
  • Enable safe cloud access to your office tools and data


In the likely event that your business is attacked, have a plan in place to restrict access, control damage, and rapidly restore normal work for all your team members.

0 %
of UK businesses identified cyber security breach in 2018/19
£ 0
average cost to businesses that lost data or assets after breaches
0 %
increase in cost of attack since 2017 (nearly double)
*figures taken from Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019 from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
Our people make the difference that makes SITOC right for you
Gavin Urtel

Gavin Urtel

Managing Director

Gavin had a full head of hair before he founded SITOC, or so he tells us! Somehow, no matter how busy he gets, Gavin always finds time to talk, time to care.

Zoe Hunnisett

Zoe Hunnisett

Operations Manager

All round fabulous person who can make cocktails, cook delicious food, bring organisation out of chaos and control everything (apart from her family)

Matthew Ball

Matthew Ball

Operations Manager

Problem solver with the work ethic of a hamster (8 miles a night on a wheel - just saying!)

Miles Fisher

Miles Fisher

Commercial Manager

Bridging customer expectations and real world experience, across the constantly changing rapids of technological change, Miles works some very long days. He does have a very cute dog though.

Jacqui James

Jacqui James

Accounts Administrator

Fluent in multiple languages, Jacqui can count up to very big numbers, can wrestle tigers, is great with small children, and keep on top of all those invoices. Amazing!

Stewart Stanley

Stewart Stanley

Technical Project Manager

With a keen eye for the details, if Stew wasn't a technical project manager, he would make an excellent bloodhound, or maybe hawk... Ferret? What's the right analogy?

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

Systems Engineer

Taking the front line of customer support, Ryan can solve most problems himself and, if not, knows exactly where to direct your query.

Sonia Smith

Sonia Smith

Administrative Coordinator

Every company needs a caring ray of sunshine, and Sonia is ours.

What our customers say

Most of our new business comes from existing customer recommendations. Despite the frustration we all feel when our technology lets us down, we get high levels of customer satisfaction. We get you back up and running quickly when your systems fail.
Kevin Thorn

Kevin Thorn


"SITOC provides great service, trusted advice, and consistent solutions in a challenging environment."

Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones

OW Hospitality

"SITOC have provided many years of service creatively solving many challenges we have thrown at them."

Colin Banfield

Colin Banfield

The Royal Society of Arts

"Although they are an external service provider, SITOC are an integral part of the RSA’s IT Support team."


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