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Why do you need Microsoft 365 backup

Microsoft365 does not include backup

Many people assume that Microsoft365 includes backup – it does not.

Microsoft provides great levels of resilience and service guarantees, but there are stil likely to be circumstances when you need to be able to restore or recover vital files/ emails/ conversations.

Incidents and accidents can happen

Human error, deletions, malicious insiders, malware, ransomware, hackers

Whatever the cause for losing access to a file or conversation. Whether it has been corrupted or deleted, or a login has been compromised. There comes a day when you need to restore from a backup.

Comprehensive, automated protection

Trusted by more than 1.4 million users.

With purpose-built, cloud native backup and recovery for Microsoft 365 from Spanning Backup. Spanning provides powerful, yet easy-to-use capabilities for administrators and end-users. It’s all protected with industry leading privacy, security and compliance.

Comprehensive protection

Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 supplies organizations with reliable backup and recovery for their Microsoft 365 from Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. Unlimited storage space and an unrestricted retention policy guarantee that your valuable Microsoft 365 data will remain fully backed up and recoverable at all times.

On-demand backup

If you find that daily, automated backups don’t provide you with enough backup points for comfort, you can supplement with on-demand Microsoft 365 backups as often as you see fit. These backups are performed manually and can be applied to entire user accounts or narrowed using a number of granular options. On-demand backups are also unlimited, allowing you to create as many backup points as necessary.


Spanning provides daily, automated Microsoft 365 backup that auto-discovers new and/or altered content to back up. This recurring, incremental backup runs quietly in the background each and every day without any additional effort from your admins or users. Simply “set and forget” and know that all your valuable Microsoft 365 data will be safe and secure.

Transparent reporting

Utilize the immutable audit log for a transparent, actionable report of each and every Microsoft 365 backup. Admins get clear, comprehensive insight into the state of all backup and restore activities, which can be viewed directly within the application. In addition, admins can opt-in to receiving daily backup status reports via email. If there’s ever a problem, Spanning will provide detailed information on the error, as well as ways to fix it.

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