E-sign & App Development

Innovation, automation and integration at the heart of your business solutions

No new logins

No new tools to learn

No new passwords to forget and re-set

Practical innovative solutions


Integrated through API to allow you to attach an electronic signature with cryptographic protection.


No need to sign in to a different service or portal – we set up this service to integrate with your existing solutions.


Allow us to set up automated processes that connect to your own databases or systems, triggering the activities you need.

Case study

At ICanProve.IT, we use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for data management. SITOC connected our behind-the-scenes data management with a customer-friendly portal – with secure & invisible API connections.

Now, our customers can place an order through their familiar online portal, which will automatically generate electronic paperwork – including e-signature tracking. The simple act of signing an order triggers a project code and all ordering within our systems, without any further need for manual intervention.

Great for us, great for the customer. Rigorous and reliable.

Challenge us

Whatever you want to work smarter – challenge us to make it work for you.

E-sign is just one example of a technology where we can integrate a third-party service into your existing systems. You get all of the functionality and features of the third-party service, but your team-members and customers never need to learn a new login or even open a new window.

Contact us today to challenge us to build a solution for you!

SITOC can integrate with any applications that support API, or any applications that support app development via third party. We will help you understand the options and speak with your application provider to determine suitability.

Yes, we can fully customise your quote templates including company logo quote fields and customer option.

The service is available on a per issued quote basis, starting from as little as 7p per quote.

Yes, you will have full visibility of quote status including issued, viewed, rejected, revision requested and signe.