What can't you automate?

It might be simpler, or quicker, to list the business processes that would NOT benefit from automation, rather than those that do.

The following are just a few cases that could benefit from a touch of automation, but you can challenge SITOC to streamline almost any of the regular activities that take valuable staff time.

Hotdesk booking

A move to hybrid working inevitably means fewer people in the office, and fewer dedicated per-person desks. Not to worry; it does not have to be complicated to manage hotdesk bookings. With a little touch of automation magic, your employees can manager their own desk space bookings, with confirmation emails.

Weekly planning meetings

Are you asking the same questions every month/ week/ day in your regular team planning meetings? Take the pain out of the process with automation. Regular reminders will prompt people to complete forms, capture and share the answers, and then send alerts or notifications based on the answers received.

Customer communications

Think about the times you may need to contact customers: to let them know that a parcel is on the way, or that a package is ready for collection; an item has come into stock, or a house that meets certain criteria has come on the the market? There are countless criteria that could allow your database to trigger a timely bespoke message to customers.

Fleet management systems

SITOC have successfully automated many of the fleet management systems for our sister company ICanProve.IT. Alerts to fleet owners can be triggered by specific events such as overloading, harsh steering, speeding, crash-detection, unexpected activation, or entering/departing set geographical zones. Each alert is bespoke to include relevant data.


Using the power of API connections, we can access metadata to insert wording/ expiration dates bespoke to your quotes/ contracts/ documents. Instead of entering parameters multiple times, use a ‘go-find’ to pull data from your own records. Automatically email customer, and web-hook knows if link is clicked and responded too. Go create reminders/ updates.