Fully hosted or local telephony services. Better solutions that allow remote workers to be part of your system and often bring big savings.

Keep the number you are already using. Any device – mobile app, deskphone, softphone – all available on your single number.


  • Call queueing
  • An automated attendant
  • Conferencing with up to 50 callers

Get rid of the expense of linte rental completely. Plus, you receive local, national and mobile calls free-of-charge. And calls are free to any NFON number – so internal calls, cross-site (to home or mobile-workers), are totally free of charge.

There will be no more maintenance bills, and no more bulky or expensive in-house equipment.

Our hosted solution, partnered with NFON, uses German data centres, multiple sites, with duplication as standard. But it is the BT network that we use for call-routing.

So, you keep your existing number, while adding features that enhance:

  • customer services
  • productivity
  • flexibility

Use the Skype app exactly as it is. But, behind the scenes, it is your NFON service that you’re accessing. So, it has the features and reliability you need. No extra clicks or delays are involved. And all your outbound calls can be made this way.

With our cloud partner, NFON, you are not only able to take advantage of a great range and quality of features. You also get one of the highest levels of technical excellence available. Your system is part of a bigger cloud network that is always up-to-date with the latest advancements. You are more than future-proof. You’re future-poised-and-ready-to-win-the-race.

We’re not tied in to any one supplier and we’re free to recommend the best solution for your business. Our expert team can manage solutions from a range of suppliers, including NFON and Horizon. So you can be confident that you can rely on our independent advice.


Yes – and, even better, that one number will work on your mobile, desk-phone, soft-phone and even your computer workstation.

It seems contrary to all our expectations, but this really is a case where you get far more features, with a lower price-tag.

Compared to your traditional telephony service – our telephony (hosted, voice over internet VOIP, cloud) instantly removes your line rental fees. There is no ISDN rental. On top of that, you get 150 features included as standard (including many, such as conferencing, that you might currently be paying extra for). Plus, all your internal calls become free of charge, no matter how many sites you work over, or how many mobile or home workers you have.

No. We are so confident in our package, that we offer it without tie-in. You do have the option to tie-in to a long-term contract if you want to take up added benefits, like free deskphones. But the standard offering includes all the features we’ve mentioned in a rolling 30-day contract.

The answer to this question will vary, depending on how you work. But, generally, it’s the incredible reliability of our SITOC-hosted NFON solution, and those practical additional features, like conferencing, that make the difference. Plus, unique in our experience, this solution integrates fully and invisibly with Skype for Business. No extra numbers to dial, no extra buttons, no additional logins.

Resilience is not solely about increased service guarantees and reliability. Our service has these, but it also offers unparalleled flexibility. And it is this flexibility that brings true resilience: the ability to thrive in a changing environment. One of this product’s key features is how quickly you can add or remove users – with unlimited capacity.

All included as standard:

  • UK & IRISH numbers / DDIs
  • Auto attendant, IVR & Queues
  • Voicemail & voicemail to email
  • Call forwarding
  • Call filtering & Do Not Disturb
  • Hot-desking
  • Call coaching & monitoring
  • Caller ID / Block caller ID
  • Personal user web portal
  • Free calls between sites
  • Conferencing with 50 participants for each extension
  • Web management and administration
  • Company and Personal Phonebooks
  • Business continuity / DR
  • Technical support
  • Time controlled call routing
  • Multi-device support*
  • Call Centre analytics
  • Secure communications with encryption (SRTP/SIPS)
  • Ad-hoc voice recording
  • iPhone, Android, iPad & Blackberry App