Three key features:

Work/life balance

The online dashboard provides visibility of hours worked. It also helps to track user activity and identity those employees at risk of burn out.

Productivity scoring

A dynamic scoring mechanism helps to focus on employees who have high idle time and/or spend time on unproductive applications and web sites.

Enhance data security

Receive alerts on risky behaviour, such as large volumes of files being copied to USB, mass file deletion, or printing. Optional playback of user screen and ability to prevent unwanted actions.

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How do you keep track of employees working in multiple different locations?
With Teramind you can see who is working, when they are working and what they are doing. You can track key productivity variables, view them change in real time in your dashboard and study activity reports where the details are logged.


Rapid deployment – not only can this solution be employed and rolled out across your system iincredibly quickly, but it can also be invisible to the employee. There is no heavy processing load, so there is no noticable impact on computing speed – as there can be with some screening solutions.


Now you can not only preotect your corporate data better – by restricting unsafe activities, with alerts for high-risk actions, and due to improvied visibility. You also have a complete GDPR audit trail, with the ability to record employer acitivty and sessions. Giving you forensic control over your data and protect against insider threat.

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