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User training built into MS Teams

ClipTraining is a comprehensive e-learning suite that features always-up-to-date content, and enables employees to use Office 365 with maximum efficiency.

  • Single sign on
  • Gamification awards
  • Up to date training
  • Drives end-user to adopt Teams
  • Reduces help desk calls
  • Improves knowledge retention
  • Maintains user productivity
Task-based training videos for Microsoft365
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Boost in overall worker productivity
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Reduction in annual team turnover
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Higher profit margins

Providing eLearning for your team increases productivity, boosts morale, and reduces costs associated with support and turnover. The benefits are undeniable with every pound invested in online training resulting in £30 in productivity!

Help employees to understand how they can use services such as Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and Office apps, plus more advanced content to cover Power BI and more. Informative video-based content that users can watch at their own pace

Friendly quiz at the end of each section – allow users to test their knowledge without pressure. Admins can view which users are accessing content

Fully online service that can integrate fully into Microsoft Teams with single sign on (user your Microsoft credentials to access), and companies can also upload their own video content via additional channels


Empower users with “self-service” training videos

You no longer need to make your employees take time away from work to sit through traditional classroom courses. Nor must they sit in front of their computers for structured eLearning Curriculum from 1 to 2 hours, or longer.

Instead, many companies are using search-enabled, self-help portals with short, task-based videos.

These allow users to focus on nuggets of information as needed to perform specific tasks and solve problems as they crop up.

This model is at the heart of “self-service” learning. It focuses on the most efficient, least obtrusive way to impart knowledge, while increasing
productivity at the same time.