Hosted infrastructure

Full data sovereignty = absolute data control + total user supervision

Cloud solutions offer you the benefits of:

  • Always on, always up-to-date
  • Great value for money
  • Instant scalability
  • Reduced management overheads
  • Any application, any device, any time, any place
  • Employee-friendly – flexible, mobile, secure

SITOC have helped many UK businesses migrate their IT infrastructure and business applications to the cloud. And these businesses are now realising the benefits of simpler access, better reliability and controlled IT costs.

Our approach is open, transparent and effective, and our support is ongoing:

  • Understand the key technology needs of your business, and the tools which your staff need to succeed
  • Design a migration strategy for the hosting of your applications in the cloud
  • Post-move, you benefit from our excellent support services, 24/7 monitoring and dedicated account management

We schedule any major changes for your quiet times. This often means that we will be working out of hours so that you can be sure of always working at the top of your game in-hours.

And, if you need to combine on-premise and cloud-based solutions, we have the expertise to help you achieve more.

SITOC can help you get the most out of Microsoft Azure and its wide range of hosting services and productivity features. Whether you need to host business applications, services such as SQL and even websites, Azure has huge advantages over on-premise hardware:

  • Removing the reliance and management overheads associated with maintaining on-premise servers
  • Rapidly scales up, or down, in line with business requirements
  • Simpler remote access to business services
  • Stipulate where data is held, with 3 separate copies stored as a bare minimum
  • Productivity and security features for a smarter and better-protected IT platform
  • Data back-ups, anti-virus, patch releases – all managed by SITOC across your cloud estate
  • No more ‘forklift upgrades’ of hardware or operating systems
  • No running out of storage space

Taziker Industrial is an innovative leader in the construction industry. With multiple regional offices, complex needs and hardware that was reaching end-of-life, it was tme to move away from their traditional approach.

From structured conversations, SITOC designed a cloud environment, which we then tested in sandbox and migrated at a mutually agreed time. Taziker Industrial now have possibly the highest-spec IT infrastructure available (in the world) to use as their very own – for they are part of the Microsoft network.

Nigel Taziker, Support Services Director, said “Moving to the Microsoft cloud has freed us to expand and adapt fast to prepare for tomorrow’s big projects. SITOC’s support in making that move has been invaluable.”

Cloud statistics
US firms using cloud solutions 91%
UK firms using the cloud 49%
US firms fully migrated to the cloud 45%
UK firms fully migrated 10%

The best solution that we are aware of for Business email, Office 365 includes a huge range of solutions that get you working faster, more-reliably, and fully mobile.

Mobile device management allows you to control user access, instantly wipe company data from lost or stolen devices, and offers multi-factor authentication to keep you compliant.

Information rights management allows you to control who can view, forward, copy or print emails.

Email enryption enhances your end-to-end security and prevents data being intersepted in transit.

And you can stay even more secure with by adding a Mimecast subscription with advanced protection against phishing attacks and malicious links, files or attacks.

Anywhere access to your files is a vital tool – but you need it to be secure. We offer specialist advice on One Drive, SharePoint and Dropbox for Business.

Features vary between providers, but we can advise you on:

  • Persistent data protection – ensuring that files can only be opened by the intended recipient, even after it has left the building
  • Automatic data cassification – scanning data and automatically applying access controls based on the content
  • Co-authoring – working together with a colleague on a document, with online chat and all changes being saved
  • Link Sharing – a bandwidth-friendly alternative to sending files as attachments, including the ability to sever the link when no longer appropriate
  • Desktop integration – meaning that users can access files in a familiar, user-friendly way

We provide tailored cloud backup solutions for our customers – including a combination of private and public cloud solutions.

All of SITOC’s own backup packages are automated, off-site, encrypted, duplicated (two separate sites) and secure (stored in a former military bunker). Whether you need an hot-standby service for instant continuity in case of any failure, or simply that reliable backup to go back to in case of complete catastrophy (or human error) – or a combination of different levels for different workstations/ servers/ devices – we have a solution to fit.

Backup data or email in ways that are easy to access. Email archiving could also be critical to your continuity plans.

With many of the cloud providers mentioned above, you may feel that you have backups covered to some degree, but there are situations where the included level of cover doesn’t meet your needs.